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Hello! I’m Melody!

Though I’m not quite graceful nor melodious, I’m a woman in love with life. A life filled with beauty, magic and inspiration, imagination, paint, design, shape, color, symbolism, story, and most importantly, the absurdity of being able to bring to being polar bears in tutus. I’m an artist, & a dreamer, a designer, & an illustrator; in love with nature, our sciences & histories, in our myths, in our philosophies, & in our kindness to each other & our Earth.

I was raised in Southern California & graduated from Laguna College of Art + Design, where I studied illustration (as well as fine art and graphic design). After small stints as a Sign Artist, private art tutor, and Graphic Artist at a large home decor wholesaler, I now spend my time illustrating children’s books, other pretty illustrations, and running this website / blog / shop, all from my home studio. I reside in Sebastopol, CA with my husband, Stephen, and the little apple of my eye, Mango, our Shih Tzu puppy, and extended family.

My first published children’s book, Is There Enough?, written by the lovely Faye Ellen Hartzell and published by Mirror Publishing in May 2014, was a complete dream-come-true to work on!

My work has also been published in Laguna Beach Coast Magazine (August 2011), and in a national ad published on the back cover of Where Women Create Business (Winter 2012).

Oh, Melody!

I’ve always had a passion for art – drawing and painting, scribbling and fawning over color and line – and in that sense, I’ve always known I was meant for the life of a dreamer, a doer, a creative – an artist.

So, why “Oh Melody”? I’m pretty silly, and there are times that I let that silliness take hold. What started as a silly art school joke between my best gal pals and I – namely, I’d say or do something silly, and one of my friends would exclaim, “Oh, Melody!” – would ultimately become the moniker for my entire branding effort for my art and illustration.

Though it was born of a silly nature, it’s became an endearing saying to me, and one that I’ve embraced whole-heartedly. To me, when a friend would say this to me, it was a sign that I was bringing joy, laughter, and camaraderie to my loved ones, and in so many ways, this is my goal with my artwork. If my artwork can bring that sweet innocent silliness into the world, and cause one to claim, “Oh, Melody!”, than I feel all of the hard work and time I put into my artwork and illustrations are worth it.

Selected Exhibitions


  • FEB 6TH: First Friday / Love On The Run
    The Shop @ FWP: San Mateo, CA



  • 7 Year Anniversary Group Show
    The Hive Gallery: Los Angeles, CA


  • The Siren & The Black Widow: Featured Artist #2
    The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

  • Best of The Best Group Show
    LCAD, Laguna Beach, CA


  • Truth Beauty Freedom Love: Tall Wall Artist
    The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

  • Love and War in Hiveland Group Show
    The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

  • Best of The Best Group Show
    LCAD, Laguna Beach, CA


  • Hanae Mori LCAD Finalists – 3rd Place
    Bloomingdales, Newport Beach, CA

  • Summer for the Arts Group Show
    LCAD, Laguna Beach, CA

  • Best of The Best Group Show
    LCAD, Laguna Beach, CA

  • Invisible Children Group Show
    LCAD, Laguna Beach, CA


  • Best of The Best Group Show
    LCAD, Laguna Beach, CA